M.Tech in Computer Aided Structural Engineering

         Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Computer Aided Structural Analysis and Design is a two-year duration full-time course offered by the Kerala Technological University. Graduates will be prepared with a solid foundation in mathematics, sciences, and technical skills needed to analyze and design civil infrastructure systems.


         Structural Engineering is a field of Engineering dealing with the analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads. Structural Engineering is usually considered a specialty within Civil Engineering. Structural Engineers are most commonly involved in the design of buildings and large non-building structures; but they can also be involved in the design of machinery, medical equipment, vehicles or any item where structural integrity affects the item's function or safety.


         At present numerous computer aided design tools are available for design and analysis of structures as the structures have intricate shapes, sizes and are subjected to complex loading patterns. It is essential that the present day Structural Engineers need to develop expertise in use of these tools as they speed up design and optimization process.


        This innovative program is focused on the combination of recent advances made in the field of structural engineering and computer science. This combination allows structural engineer the flexibility and freedom for a better understanding of structural behaviour with material and geometric non-linearity and loading uncertainties.

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