Agora 2019

 It is the annual intercollegiate management fest providing a platform for the brightest of the minds from various B-Schools to brainstorm, express and fulfill their quest for excellence through a multitude of intellectual and fun based contests. The programme was conducted in two days with different varieties of activities for UG as well as PG students from varied colleges. Agora is a great platform for future managers for performing their managerial skills and showing their talents in front of a refined and competitive group of young aspirants. ILahia school of Management Studies conducted AGORA 2020 on  11th and 12th of December 2019.


  • Best Manager
    • Best manager is the most important management game in every management fest. Likewise we are planning to make it as a successful game. It conducts with one person and will be having more difficult rounds compared with other management games. Targeting on professional students PG or UG.
  • Business Quiz
    • This game contains 2 persons in each team and focussing on UG and PG students. Nature of the round would be the business related questions and current affairs. 
  • Marketing Game
    • This game is focussing on more creative people who have marketing intelligence. Marketing team contains 4 members. Nature of the game would be product selling, product hunting, presentation Etc.
  • HR Game
    • HR team should have 4 members, focussing on those who have good communication skills. This game will have debates, role plays etc.
  • Treasure Hunt
    • This game is focussing on both PG and UG students. The teams will get difficult clues for finding the exact destination of the treasure. 4 members required in each team. Primarily we are focussing more UG students to this competitive game.
  • Choreography
    • Choreography is a non management game which expects more participation from under graduate colleges. Each team should have 6 members.
  • Spot Photography
    • It contains one person for participation. Participants are supposed to take spot photo graphs from the campus itself on a given subject. Mobile cameras are only allowed.
  • Essay Writing
    • This event is conducted for individuals only. The topic will be given in advance and they have to come down for the fest and have to write this in the campus itself.


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