Parent Teacher Association


      The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of Ilahia College of Engineering and  Technology has been an effective and supportive forum for maintaining the discipline as well as sustenance of academic excellence in the campus. PTA committee meet frequently to transact various agenda pertaining to the development and discipline of the college. A large number of developmental programmes have been taken up under the patronage of PTA for the benefit of students and staff of the college. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a living organization of parents of all students of the college and the faculty members.
  • It provides a common forum for interaction of parents and teachers so as to improve academic standards maintain discipline and facilitate overall development of the college.
  • The parent-teacher groups support the college, teachers and encourage parent involvement in the activities of the institution.
  • The PTA meets at regular intervals and the annual general body meets once in a year and open-houses are conducted every semester.
  • In a general meeting of the Parents and Teachers, PTA Parent Representatives are elected from each department, every year in the beginning of academic session. The Principal is the president. The Vice president and the Joint Secretary is elected from among the parents. The executive body is entrusted to plan, execute and take necessary decision for the overall development of the students and college.
  • PTA President          : Dr. K. A. Navas (Principal)
  • PTA Vice President   : Mr. Pareeth Kunju K. S. (Parent Representative)
  • PTA  Joint Secretary : Mr.Shalikar Muhammed Ali (Parent Representative)
  • PTA  Secretary          : Mr.Rasim Navas M. S. (Faculty)
  • PTA Treasurer           : Mr.Dileep K.S. (Faculty)

Parent Representatives

Sl. No. Name of the Parent/Guardian

Ward's Name

Semester & Branch

1. Ms. Suhara K B Almaz Fathima, S8 CE
2. Mr. S Sajeev  Sanjai Sajeev, S8 ME
3. Ms. Bindhu Rajan   Nandhana Rajan, S4 ECE
4. Mr. Pareeth Kunju K S  Muhammed Bani, S8 CSE
5. Mr. Shalikar  Aliya Shalikar, S4 AI
6. Mr. Jailani P A Ansal P Jailani, S6 EEE
7. Ms. Naseera Jabbar  Fyma Jabbar, S4 MBA
8. Mr. Eldhose K M Visal Eldhose, S4 MCA

Staff Representatives

Sl. No. Name of Staff


1. Prof. Babitha Peter AP/CE
2. Prof. Dileep K. S. AP/ME
3. Prof. Suranya G. AP/ECE
4. Prof. Safiya K. M. AP/CSE
5. Prof. Surumi K. S. AP/AD & CC
6. Ms. Dhivya Haridas  AP/EEE
7. Prof. Chippy Ann Jacob AP/MBA
8. Prof. Sheena K. M. AP/MCA
9. Prof. Safini K. M AP/S & H



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