ICET central Library provides services, collections and facilities to support the educational goals of students and employees. Our Library promotes student success through the development of critical thinking, independent research skills and advances teaching and learning by supporting professional development.

     Online access to many licensed research databases, e-journals and e-books are available at our campus. Our central library has study areas, access to computer workstations, library circulation reference services, computer printing and photocopy services.

As the Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology moves towards its goal of achieving prominence as a leading college libraries in this part of the country, 'It is the vision of the Library to support the institution and its stakeholder by providing seamless access to the widest possible spectrum of information resources such as digital, online databases, print and non-print materials relevant to the curricular, informational and innovative reasearch needs of the academic community'.

  • To act as an agent to provide maximum information.
  • To act as centre for learning.
  • To act as centre for free learning.
  • To act as a place for free research.
  • To promote the habit of reading.
  • To act as a centre for promoting individual culture.
  • To act as a centre to provide pinpointed and right information to the seeker at the right time. 

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