Department Advisory Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

The Department Advisory Committee interacts and maintains liaison with key stakeholders.

  • The Department Advisory Committee is chaired by HOD who receives the report of the Department Advisory Committee and monitors the progress of the program.
  • The committee develops and recommends new or revised goals and objectives of the program.
  • The committee also reviews and analyzes the gap between curriculum and Industry requirement and gives necessary feedback or advice actions.
  • NPTEL, Spoken tutorial , FDP, STTP / Guest lecturers monitoring
  • Verification of Faculty Dairy for the following:
              a. Attendance Entry,
              b. Class and Series Test Marks,
              c. Syllabus Coverage,
              d. Identification of Slow Learners and above average performers
              e. HOD Authentication.
  • Verification of Assessment & Tutorial Sheets.
  • Checking Course plan and delivery
  • Submission of report to the IQAC in the prescribed format.

Following are the members of advisory board:

Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Sinosh P K Convener DAC(HOD)
2 Ms Ramya S Nair IQAC & DAC Department Coordinator
3 Ms. Beena V S Senior Faculty 1
4 Ms. Chippy Ann Jacob Senior Faculty 2
5 Mr. Sameer P Pareeth Faculty
6. Ms. Fathima Nazrin Faculty
7 Mr. Rajeev Kumar P V Industry Representative
8 Dr. Manu Melvin Member from nearby Institute
9 Mr. Ansal P S Alumni
10 Ms. Niju Moideen Parent of Mohammed Hadi
11 Mr. Koyakutty P S Parent of Arshad P K

Meetings: Once in a Semester

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