Robotics and Automation

The under graduate program of Robotics and Automation is established to meet the growing demand for trained engineers in the field of industrial automation.

The Program started in the year 2021 and it is functioning as a supporting program under the department of Electronics and Engineering. B.Tech in Robotics and automation has started with an intake of 60 students and the program started to function in a full-fledged manner.  This is a futuristic cross-sectional discipline that requires a sound, proportional knowledge of hardware as well as software. This unique program is tailored to train and mold quality automation engineers to meet the needs of various engineering fields


Why a course in Robotics & Automation

The recent developments in process industries and the medical field clearly show the increasing demand for automation and the use of robots for various applications. Studies state that in the coming years most of the human jobs currently done will be managed by robots/ robotic machines with and without intelligence. Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning have helped robotics to spread its wings outside industrial ecosystems. Robotics is a field of engineering that deals with the design and application of robots and the use of a computer for their manipulation and processing. Robots are used in industries for speeding up the manufacturing process and this has created an emerging area of research called Robotic Process Automation. They are also used in the field of medicine, nuclear science, sea-exploration, servicing of transmission electric signals, designing of bio-medical equipment, etc.

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