Academic Council

Responsibilties and Functions

  • A team of teachers prepares the academic programme for the year and monitors them.
  • They send out directions for effective curriculum transaction.
  • The committee is responsible for improving the results of the student and suggests remedial actions if needed.
  • A full-fledged academic calendar prepared by academic committee helps to bring in to practice the vision and mission envisaged by the college.
  • It provides a sense of direction and discipline to the activities as well as to the students who partake in organizing the activities of the college.
  • The Convener of Council issues notices of council meetings in consultation with the Principal.
  • The convener prepares and keeps the proceedings of the meetings.
  • Two days’ prior notice is given for usual meetings and urgent meetings are convened at short notice.

Committee Members

Sl.No Name Designation Position
1. Prof. Dr. K. A. Navas Principal Chairman
2. Prof. Dr. V. H. Abdul Salam Director Member
3. Prof. Dr. Faisal M. H. Vice Principal/ HOD, ME Member
4. Prof. Dr. Shaina Beegam N. HOD/CE Member
5. Prof. Dr. Suni S. S. HOD/ECE Member
6. Prof. Dr. Abhiraj T. K. HOD/EEE Member
7.  Prof. Dr. Lino Abraham Varghese HOD/CSE Member
8. Prof. Rosna P. Haroon HOD/AD & CC Member
9. Prof. Dr. A. Jahubar Ali HOD/ S & H Member
10. Prof. Sinosh P. K. HOD/MBA Member
11. Prof. Anoop R. HOD/MCA Member
12. Prof. Ninimole P. AP/S & H Member
13. Prof. Theresa Jose AP/CSE Coordinator
14. Prof. Nurjahan V. A. AP/AD & CC Department Coordinator
15. Prof. Kiran Jacob AP/CE Department Coordinator
16. Prof. Rafeek Sidhic AP/ME Department Coordinator
17. Prof. Lakshmi Krishnan AP/EEE Department Coordinator
18. Prof. Nasreen Ali A. AP/CSE Department Coordinator
19. Prof. Suranya G. AP/ECE Department Coordinator
20. Prof. Sheena K.M. AP/MCA Department Coordinator
21. Prof. Ramya S. Nair AP/MBA Department Coordinator


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